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Less Than Two Weeks To Go

Jack Fitch1 Comment
Less Than Two Weeks To Go

Wow— it’s hard to believe that this move has been in the works for almost 3 months and it’s getting close to go time.

Two weeks from today, Kirby and I hit the road. We will be staying overnight about halfway to Jacksonville before finishing the drive the following day. He’s never spent more than about 2 hours in the car at any given time before, so I am nervous about how he will handle it. When we do take car rides, he insists on climbing out of the backseat and into either the passenger seat or my lap. As you can see, he’s not petite, so being in my lap is not necessarily an option. To mitigate this, I bought him a harness with a seat belt attachment. It allows him freedom to move but it keeps him in the backseat. I tried it out with him over the weekend and it seemed to work well. He wasn’t happy that he couldn’t get in the front seat, but it made his daddy happy!

Anyway, I thought I would share with you the preliminary list of restaurants that have either been suggested to me or that I have found on my own. Just as a reminder, I am hoping to hit at least one of these places each week and then write up a nice little review. This means that I already have quite a few weeks of visits to make, but if you want to make another suggestion, please do! Remember, I am partial to Asian cuisine as well as anything adventurous and different (Ethiopian, Peruvian, etc.). I would love to find more hidden gems. So, in no particular order, here’s what I have so far:

Valley Smoke BBQ (https://www.valleysmoke.com)

Florida Cracker Kitchen (http://www.floridacrackerkitchen.com)

Southern Charm (http://artscrackercooking.moonfruit.com)

Pepe’s Hacienda (no website, but it’s located at 3615 Dupont Ave)

Brooklyn Pizza (http://www.realbrooklynpizzajax.com)

Simply Tasti Thai (https://www.simplytastythai.com)

O’steen’s- St. Augustine (http://www.osteensrestaurant.com)

So, as you can see, I have a wide variety of places from which to choose and they will keep me busy (and full!) for a while. To be honest though, while I am unpacking and not really adhering to much of a diet, I will probably visit more than one place per week before settling in to a normal routine. Also, as friends visit to check out the new house, I will probably ask them to tag along with me, so you’ll get some lovely color commentary from people other than just myself.

If you can’t tell, I am so excited to get to Jacksonville. It’s my hometown and I am so thrilled to be coming back home. Thanks for sharing this journey with me and I hope you’ll stick around for my yummy food musings. And hey, who knows, maybe you can tag along with me sometime too?